SEO priorities in 2010

January 5th, 2010 Jason Posted in seo | No Comments »

Looking ahead into this year, the big game I’m chasing is better metrics to get a better and more strategic understanding of why our sites do what they do, and what kind of impacts the changes we make actually have.

On the surface we’ve been tracking a number of good metrics for years, but at the same time it feels like there are a lot of assumptions being made in our reporting, and that there is miles of room for more data to enable better actual analysis.

I’ve been re-reading through a pile of articles online, all the way back to basic “Analytics 101″ type posts, to refine my thinking on what what we currently collect, identifying what other data we have available and could use, and what data we want but don’t have. These last are the things which then become tasks for our WebTrends guru – because we certainly have the ability to assemble new reports if we know what we need.

Other articles I’m referencing:

Part of the challenge is of course understanding why various bits of data are useful, and learning how to interpret it in meaningful ways.

It’s going to be a task, for sure.

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